Jan. 23rd, 2012

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[ This must be a dream. It really doesn't make sense to just... arrive in some city he doesn't recognize. Everything about it screams old, from the architecture to the cars. Which makes things even more confusing. Which makes it seem even more like a dream.

Maybe he's brother was right about him spending too much reading their grandfather's journal. Because this place, this strange dream place seems like what he imagined what imaginary world of "Amestris" to be like. The world his grandfather spoke of so often in his journal. The world that Grandpa Elric told him, Ed, and Rosalie about as bedtime stories.

So if it's a dream, how does he wake up? What is making him dream up something like this? Is it the stress from trying to hide his and his brother's relationship from their parents and the world? Is it the stress from leaving his brother in the mall, having run away and not looking back.

No doubt, Rosalie would have a few choice words for him about it all...

But more importantly, the strangest thing about this dream is that pinching himself seems to have no affect. It's cold too, the sidewalks and streets filled with snow and all he's in is his school uniform. Can you get sick in a dream, he wonders. Because if it's possible, it's probably only a matter of time, considering how easily he gets sick anyway.

So now he's just... wandering around. Hoping to find someplace warm where he won't feel silly standing in a corner. Hoping to maybe see a familiar face. ]


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