Apr. 7th, 2012

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[Winry had fallen asleep on the train—just thirty minutes, tops!—only to have the throttling of an engine and an abrupt stop not only wake her, but nearly throw her out of her seat. She blinked and twirled her head around. Had they crashed? No, she would have been dead. It was then that she looked a little closer.

Strange. Not a single person was on the train.

Maybe her stop was last. Rush Valley was awaiting, as was Garfiel and her loyal customers.

Taking a deep breath, she exited the train and took a hasty step onto the concrete. Something was... off. Chills reaked havoc over her body; Rush Valley was never this cold, even when it rained. She then noticed another thing. This place... it looked an awful lot like... Central.

What the-?! CENTRAL?

Okay, that nap must have been longer than thirty minutes.

Just as she flipped around to return to the train and explain her situation to the conductor, however, the train was out of sight. Gone. Not even a shadow remained.

And then she read the sign.]

What... What...

[Even after twenty minutes of standing in the bitter cold, gawking at the sign, she couldn't seem to fathom what it said. She began to slap her cheeks repeatedly, convinced it was all a dream.]

Wake up, wake up, wake up!


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