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More Event Stuff:

CHARACTERS: [personal profile] roy_m & [personal profile] makethisreal
WHERE: Edward's apartment, which he's invited Roy to stay at since Alfons and Alphonse are gone.
SUMMARY: Uh. Mostly talking.
WARNINGS: Cuddling between near strangers? Also pretty sure this is their first kiss.

[personal profile] roy_m [he sat on the sofa by the fire, deciding to claim this space for the moment since you were obviously not using it to sleep. He was wearing a new black button down shirt..freshly transmuted from the clothing he had found in the closet in his room, along with dark pants. Roy raised his hands towards the fire to warm them, glancing at you with a smirk]

You know, if I never see snow again, I will be very happy.

[personal profile] makethisreal [Edward smirked at Roy's words, perched cross legged on the sofa as he glanced out the window curiously]

It's never happened like this before, it shouldn't keep up.

[personal profile] roy_m hm, we can hope.

[he smirked some then stretched out his legs, giving a small content sigh]

At least I'm out of that damn uniform now. Thank you, by the way, for letting me use those clothes.

[personal profile] makethisreal [he shifted on the couch, leaning against Roy once he stretched out - golden eyes closing briefly]

You don't have to thank me, they're not mine.

[personal profile] roy_m [he glanced at you curiously before slipping his arm around you as you leaned against him, shifting some so that you could rest more comfortably]

How long have you been alone here?

[personal profile] makethisreal [he blinked at that question, not expecting it - pausing for a moment before nodding as if coming to a decision- or realization]

A few years. ... why-?

[personal profile] roy_m [he shrugged a shoulder lightly] Just curious, I guess.

[he ran his hand down along your arm lazily, wondering at your response. He felt a bit of guilt at how he had reacted to finding out you were not entirely human..realizing that it kept you from being accepted by others]

[personal profile] makethisreal[he didn't give much of a response to that, humming in acknowledgment and closing his eyes again as Roy's hand rubbed his arm]

[personal profile] roy_m [he glanced at you once more, smirking some as he noticed your eyes closing, his thumb stroking along your skin. He was sort of shocked you felt this comfortable with him...or he with you, but he found he didn't mind at all]

[personal profile] makethisreal It's been awhile [he murmured, not bothering to point out that was a majority of his life, smirking faintly]

There aren't many people that want to bother putting up with me

[personal profile] roy_m [he gave you a light squeeze, in effect tugging you a bit closer to him]

That's a shame...discrimination is never a pretty thing.

[personal profile] makethisreal[he looked up at Roy curiously at that before smiling slightly, murmuring]

at least here I can leave the house long enough to witness it.

[personal profile] roy_m I suppose so. [he glanced down over you, jaw tightening some at that as he stroked his hand along your arm once more]

..are you warm enough?

[personal profile] makethisreal[he nodded quietly, watching Roy's hand move over his arm before speaking softly] I can keep myself warm enough, how are you?

[personal profile] roy_m Comfortable enough to fall asleep. [he chuckled] You might have to kick me out of your bed soon if I do.

[personal profile] makethisreal[Edward nudged his side lightly, humming softly before murmuring]

your's is more comfortable, why would you sleep here?

[personal profile] roy_m [he smirked, nudging you back playfully] Because I'm comfortable and too lazy to move, obviously.

[personal profile] makethisreal That's too bad [he murmured with a yawn] waste of a perfectly good bed, y'know...

[personal profile] roy_m I'm sure it will be okay without me. [he watched as you yawned, his thumb stroking over your wrist]

[personal profile] makethisreal[he started to laugh at that, falling quiet at the touch and looking up at Roy curiously] mm...h-

[eyes nearly closing again before he moved, nose tilting up against the human's neck idly]

[personal profile] roy_m [his own eyes fell closed briefly as you tilted to his neck, his hand stroking lazily up along your arm once more]

[personal profile] makethisreal[he leaned closer, brushing a light kiss to Roy's cheek before setting his head against his shoulder - eyes closing once more]

[personal profile] roy_m [he smirked at the kiss, his hand resting over your stomach instead as he brushed a kiss of his own over your hair before resting his cheek against it lightly. He knew it would probably get uncomfortable later sitting the way they were but for now he had no desire to move]

[personal profile] makethisreal [the returned kiss caught him off guard, golden eyes blinking curiously - before realizing he'd kissed Roy first. Edward stayed as still as possible, remaining quiet as he relaxed against him, perfectly comfortable where he was]

[personal profile] roy_m [he nuzzled lightly to your hair once more, eyes closed as he started to feel himself drift off]

[personal profile] makethisreal [he noticed that Roy was fading, brushing fingers over his arm idly and remaining as quiet as possible - simply waiting for him to fall asleep]

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