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If you play an FMA character, please post to the other organization post, instead.

This is an optional organization post for those of you who want to post which characters you play. All comments after the first one are for character organization. Comment under the relevant letter for your character's CANON (series name) with any journals for that character, including the information in this textbox. Once again, all fields are optional. If you're unsure about how to post your information (if your character has more than one name or canon title for instance), please comment the example comment at the top for clarification.

OU means original universe for those that don't know, if you're playing a canon character straight from a series, label them OU.

Examples of how this works can be found here.

Please note, canons that begin with 'The' or single letter 'A' go under the second word.
You'll notice The Matrix is listed under M for Matrix, and The Number 23 under N for Number.

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