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Edward Elric ([personal profile] alchemyxfreak) wrote in [community profile] fmaversedr2012-01-04 10:28 pm

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[Ed stepped out of the cafe, taking a bite out of the pastry he'd just ordered when he stopped short- looking around.]


[But, it only snowed in Fuar. Which is not where he was when he stepped into the cafe. After another moment of staring, he realized why he couldn't quite place the familiarity of the streets. He was trying to make them fit into a mental map of Attollo... Not Central. The impressive accumulation of snow didn't even strike him as odd at first, too surprised to find himself home-

That is, until he realized exactly where he was.

Have a rather disgruntled looking Ed, appearing in his late teens to early twenties.]

Ah, great. This place again-?!

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