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+1 adoptive mother

[There is one very distressed Sloth roaming the streets of Fake Central. None of this looked like anything she was used to, she didn't know where she was, where the others are, or how to figure either of those things out. She's looking around at the buildings and the people, more than just confused by the number of light haired people who don't seem to even notice her presence there.

Sure, the sign explained Fake Central, and it would have made sense to anyone that had Central as a point of reference to go on. The only thing she had was the confusion about winding up here, real or not... Central was not a location she was familiar with. It certainly wasn't part of the slums, which meant she didn't belong here.]
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The Bookstore Is Open Again

[Anyone new to Fake Central may notice a small bookstore along their travels throughout the city. Those returning might recognize the store as the one that was hardly ever open typical hours - often closed in the middle of the day for lengthy lunch breaks, open late in the morning, or closed early in the evening.

New hours are posted on the door, and if anyone were to step inside they would be greeted with a female Ed Elric, donning large golden cat ears and a long tail. Also posted is a sign that reads simply: Apartment For Rent.

She figures if she's going to be back, she might as well make the best of it. Seeing that most places had been completely abandoned the first spot she checked was her old apartment and book store, easily settling right back into place. Ed will help anyone find a book, offer a lush chair to read on, or simply shelter from the summer heat. She's also quick to give anyone the run down about this place, should they ask or appear new and lost.]

This place, again... It shouldn't even be surprising, anymore.
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A Female Alfons appears!

[A young woman who looks suspiciously like a particular long-haired female Alfons who hung around the old DR is lying on the ground, asleep, in front of that ever-famous sign, in nothing more than her pajamas. 

Do you think someone could be a dear and wake her up? Turns out getting transported back in your sleep isn't the best of things to happen.]

((OOC: Fail Intro is fail, I know >< B-but hey FMADR! Been a long time, and maaaan, I missed this place!))

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[When he decided to search for his father, Hoenheim, he didn't decide to leave his mother and brothers.

And suddenly find himself in... Central?

So Greed's not mad yet, as he's too busy being confused.

And feel free to confuse him with Edward or young Hoenheim, he won't be surprised. Though he's taller than Ed, anyway. And he seems to be 18-19 years old judging by his looks.]

[ooc: AU!Greed. Nope, he's not in Ed or anything like that. Details on his profile later. Just found this dressing room, is it dead? Ftr, he has Homunculus eyes, but I'm not editing icons (yet)]

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[Winry had fallen asleep on the train—just thirty minutes, tops!—only to have the throttling of an engine and an abrupt stop not only wake her, but nearly throw her out of her seat. She blinked and twirled her head around. Had they crashed? No, she would have been dead. It was then that she looked a little closer.

Strange. Not a single person was on the train.

Maybe her stop was last. Rush Valley was awaiting, as was Garfiel and her loyal customers.

Taking a deep breath, she exited the train and took a hasty step onto the concrete. Something was... off. Chills reaked havoc over her body; Rush Valley was never this cold, even when it rained. She then noticed another thing. This place... it looked an awful lot like... Central.

What the-?! CENTRAL?

Okay, that nap must have been longer than thirty minutes.

Just as she flipped around to return to the train and explain her situation to the conductor, however, the train was out of sight. Gone. Not even a shadow remained.

And then she read the sign.]

What... What...

[Even after twenty minutes of standing in the bitter cold, gawking at the sign, she couldn't seem to fathom what it said. She began to slap her cheeks repeatedly, convinced it was all a dream.]

Wake up, wake up, wake up!

More Event Stuff:

CHARACTERS: [personal profile] roy_m & [personal profile] makethisreal
WHERE: Edward's apartment, which he's invited Roy to stay at since Alfons and Alphonse are gone.
SUMMARY: Uh. Mostly talking.
WARNINGS: Cuddling between near strangers? Also pretty sure this is their first kiss.

And in an instant, things would all change. )

Cabin Fever setting in.

CHARACTERS: [personal profile] roy_m & [personal profile] makethisreal
WHERE: Edward's apartment, which he's invited Roy to stay at since Alfons and Alphonse are gone.
SUMMARY: Roy ventures outside now that the blizzard has let up.
WARNINGS: Just talking

Beings made of water should not remain in below freezing temperatures for long. )


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open to anyone that would venture into the bookstore.

[If anything could stay in business in a city overrun by Elrics it was a book store or a restaurant. And it was with that mentality that they'd decided to open one.

Not that Ed had much to do with the actual 'running' of the store, spending most of her time draped on an overstuffed chair and reading their product instead. Even if she did do a lot of the paperwork after the place was locked up for the evening.

At the moment she was busily avoiding Roy, tail swishing back and forth - draped over the arm of the chair and nearly scraping the floor. Flipping to the next page of the book in hand as if reading in the privacy and comfort of her own home, golden ears flicked back with a lazy yawn.]

[ooc: For anyone that remembers my Loveless!Ed from the original DR ([personal profile] faithlesselric, this is his female counterpart. Unlike him she is sporting the cat features associated with Loveless]
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(no subject)

[ This must be a dream. It really doesn't make sense to just... arrive in some city he doesn't recognize. Everything about it screams old, from the architecture to the cars. Which makes things even more confusing. Which makes it seem even more like a dream.

Maybe he's brother was right about him spending too much reading their grandfather's journal. Because this place, this strange dream place seems like what he imagined what imaginary world of "Amestris" to be like. The world his grandfather spoke of so often in his journal. The world that Grandpa Elric told him, Ed, and Rosalie about as bedtime stories.

So if it's a dream, how does he wake up? What is making him dream up something like this? Is it the stress from trying to hide his and his brother's relationship from their parents and the world? Is it the stress from leaving his brother in the mall, having run away and not looking back.

No doubt, Rosalie would have a few choice words for him about it all...

But more importantly, the strangest thing about this dream is that pinching himself seems to have no affect. It's cold too, the sidewalks and streets filled with snow and all he's in is his school uniform. Can you get sick in a dream, he wonders. Because if it's possible, it's probably only a matter of time, considering how easily he gets sick anyway.

So now he's just... wandering around. Hoping to find someplace warm where he won't feel silly standing in a corner. Hoping to maybe see a familiar face. ]

(no subject)

[seeing this much snow was still strange to him. It had never piled up like this in Risembool, and it certainly hadn't in the time he'd spent in Fake Central.

Still, that didn't stop Edward from exploring in it. Bundled up in a red coat that would resemble a certain duster to anyone familiar with the Fullmetal Alchemist - hood tugged up over his hair.

Not that he seemed cold, himself. Wandering the streets as if it were a pleasant spring day, aside from occasionally pausing to inspect a pile of snow, item covered in snow, or snow man.

It had been a long time since Alfons and the others left, but he occupied his time somehow.]

(no subject)

[Ed stepped out of the cafe, taking a bite out of the pastry he'd just ordered when he stopped short- looking around.]


[But, it only snowed in Fuar. Which is not where he was when he stepped into the cafe. After another moment of staring, he realized why he couldn't quite place the familiarity of the streets. He was trying to make them fit into a mental map of Attollo... Not Central. The impressive accumulation of snow didn't even strike him as odd at first, too surprised to find himself home-

That is, until he realized exactly where he was.

Have a rather disgruntled looking Ed, appearing in his late teens to early twenties.]

Ah, great. This place again-?!


[It's snowing in Fake Central.

Which means if you're new - stepping off a train, or out of a shop to find yourself on the streets of Fake Central for the first time you're arriving for the first real snow storm of Fake Central.

If you've been here awhile, however, you'll notice that the snow is piling up a little higher than usual. It doesn't seem to be getting ready to stop any time soon, either. Hopefully you have some winter clothes nearby.]

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