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[seeing this much snow was still strange to him. It had never piled up like this in Risembool, and it certainly hadn't in the time he'd spent in Fake Central.

Still, that didn't stop Edward from exploring in it. Bundled up in a red coat that would resemble a certain duster to anyone familiar with the Fullmetal Alchemist - hood tugged up over his hair.

Not that he seemed cold, himself. Wandering the streets as if it were a pleasant spring day, aside from occasionally pausing to inspect a pile of snow, item covered in snow, or snow man.

It had been a long time since Alfons and the others left, but he occupied his time somehow.]
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[He was not properly dressed for this weather! Not that getting angry at the wind biting at his cheeks or the snow falling on his shoulders would help matters. But it gave his mind something more to concentrate on other than freezing to death in this 'other' world.] Useless in the rain? [His voice was low, muttered to the wind for himself more than anyone who would happen to be out...not that there was that he could see.] And snow.

[The Colonel tugged his military jacket around him more, wishing he had his overcoat instead, as he turned a corner. He was drawn from his own musings, however, when he saw a familiar flash of red. Roy paused, voice raising to be heard this time.] Fullmetal...?
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[He stopped in front of you, his hands deep within his pockets as he tried to keep them warm. Although he had his gloves--he always had his gloves--he was not about to risk wetting them, especially now.] And you look far too comfortable in the snow. [He glanced over you, sensing something wasn't quite right, remembering what that sign had said earlier.]
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Some of us are just useless in the cold..[his gaze raked down over you, noticing your hands were hidden but he could assume enough with your carefree nature in the weather that skin was not stinging from the bite of cold metal] Then again, you don't seem to have automail to weigh you down.

[At the last thing said, a bit of a scowl touched his lips before he quickly controlled his features once more] Something about free lodging and free food at an inn doesn't sound right. [Although he had to admit with the day dwindling away, he would have little choice soon if he didn't find an alternative. He would be damned if he would freeze to death before he found a way back home.]
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[He didn't bother to point out that he had been comparing you with the Ed he knew, to see the differences, instead quirking a brow some at the prospect of getting warm He would have agreed just for that last part.] Coffee would go good about now.
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[He stepped in out of the wind and snow, grateful for the break against getting more soaked than he was already. His dark gaze traveled around the apartment, more out of habit to know his surroundings than any sort of appraisal.] Thank you, but coffee will be fine.

[Not all alike indeed. He was trying to wrap his mind around a world where an Edward Elric did not eat a lot and actually had manners. Although, as you removed your coat to hang up, he could finally see you better. You were also older than the Ed from his world, not much younger than himself if he judged correctly.

He took a moment to look over you, taking in similarities and changes and deciding you had made the transition to adulthood nicely. Roy shrugged out of his own jacket, hanging it with yours and removing his own boots before he moved to the kitchen with you.] Would you like some help? [He offered you a smirk, knowing coffee was a simple enough task, but his curiosity with you had been peaked]
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[He knew that remark was coming, chuckling lightly as he took a seat at the table instead. Well if you wanted to do all the work...] Colonel isn't exactly accurate here, is it. Just Roy will do.

[He gave a nod at the last thing you said, wondering if you actually thought he hadn't considered that.] I was planning to see if the military here would recruit. That will do...until I find a way home.
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[He didn't bother to hide a sigh at that.] You're probably right. [He took the mug of coffee, eyes closing as he savored the hot liquid, the first relaxing part of this strange day. Once he opened his eyes again, his gaze settled back upon you.] What sort of work do you do here?
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[He quirked a brow some at that, his gaze traveling over you once more, as though to see if you were malnourished or not.] Everyone has to eat, Ed.
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Well, as long as you're not starving yourself..[He chuckled some before taking up his coffee again, savoring an even longer sip before setting it down once more, returning his gaze to you.] So do you rescue many stray Mustangs from the snow?
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[You didn't remember much? Well, that seemed strange. He could tell you were hiding something but he didn't want to pry too much considering you did save him from the snow.] I take it he didn't get pulled to this world with you. [He finished off his coffee before setting the mug aside. He allowed a small smile to play over his lips.] You've been here a long time?
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[A dark brow quirked some at that as he tried to imagine being in this world alone for so long with so many familiar faces around and yet they were all strangers. Roy hid a frown as he realized that could very well be his situation if finding a way back proved to be impossible.] That means you're planning to eat as well, hm?

[He smirked a bit and took a fork, trying the pancakes before giving a small hum of appreciation.] I never would have guessed you would be able to find your way around the kitchen.
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[He let out a chuckle at that remark but didn't comment further on it, instead taking another bite of the pancake.] hm, so I've heard. [He flashed you another smirk, shaking his head.] Although, cooking still eludes me.

[Roy considered your words, watching you a moment before continuing.] When you say they started you mean back to their world?
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[He could tell he struck some sort of nerve with that, not that he had meant to.] Perhaps once this snow clears up. [Dark eyes flicked to the window, seeing it was still coming down hard. Roy held off a frown.] If it lets up at this rate.