faithlost: (a)
Ed Elric ([personal profile] faithlost) wrote in [community profile] fmaversedr2012-01-25 02:59 am

open to anyone that would venture into the bookstore.

[If anything could stay in business in a city overrun by Elrics it was a book store or a restaurant. And it was with that mentality that they'd decided to open one.

Not that Ed had much to do with the actual 'running' of the store, spending most of her time draped on an overstuffed chair and reading their product instead. Even if she did do a lot of the paperwork after the place was locked up for the evening.

At the moment she was busily avoiding Roy, tail swishing back and forth - draped over the arm of the chair and nearly scraping the floor. Flipping to the next page of the book in hand as if reading in the privacy and comfort of her own home, golden ears flicked back with a lazy yawn.]

[ooc: For anyone that remembers my Loveless!Ed from the original DR ([personal profile] faithlesselric, this is his female counterpart. Unlike him she is sporting the cat features associated with Loveless]

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