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open to anyone that would venture into the bookstore.

[If anything could stay in business in a city overrun by Elrics it was a book store or a restaurant. And it was with that mentality that they'd decided to open one.

Not that Ed had much to do with the actual 'running' of the store, spending most of her time draped on an overstuffed chair and reading their product instead. Even if she did do a lot of the paperwork after the place was locked up for the evening.

At the moment she was busily avoiding Roy, tail swishing back and forth - draped over the arm of the chair and nearly scraping the floor. Flipping to the next page of the book in hand as if reading in the privacy and comfort of her own home, golden ears flicked back with a lazy yawn.]

[ooc: For anyone that remembers my Loveless!Ed from the original DR ([personal profile] faithlesselric, this is his female counterpart. Unlike him she is sporting the cat features associated with Loveless]
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[ On the few chances he returns to Central, there's always one or two places he usually goes. The first of these is the Central Library's First Branch (if he can wangle the permission from Lt. Hawkeye or someone else, but who really would say no to the famous Fullmetal Alchemist's little brother?). Afterward, it's usually either a cafe or a bookstore. He never keeps the books for long, usually selling them in the next town he carries no suitcase and has no place to keep them. But with a mind as intelligent as his, it's not hard for him to remember the contents of the books he's read. Perhaps it's some innate ability. He doesn't know where it came from.

Right about now, he's meandering his way through the streets of Central, crimson hood pulled up over his head to avoid getting snowflakes in his long lashes. It's getting colder out and really, he should start looking for an inn to stay in. But what catches his attention first is the warm glow of lights inside a bookstore. It's newer and he doesn't remember it from the last time he was in Central. Still, it wouldn't hurt to take a look.

Pulling the door open and stepping inside, Al reaches up to shake the snow off his hood before tugging it down. There are still flakes that glimmer, melting on his bangs and in the warmth of the store, but he ignores them in favor for peering around the place. ]

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[ As the young woman looks up, the first thing that catches his attention are the ears, tawny colored and flicking lightly like a kitten. The next thing he notices is how startlingly similar she is to his brother, which throws him off for a few seconds and leaves him gaping. Of course, she's much prettier than Ed would ever be (not that he'd use a word like "pretty" for his brother unless it was meant in a teasing, sarcastic manner), and it occurs to him vaguely that he's staring. Which is very impolite.

In no time, heat begins to form in his cheeks and his gaze lowers, only to catch sight of a long tail.

Oh..... ]

U-Um... Sorry, I was—

[ He raises a hand to scratch at the back of his neck, laughing nervously. ]
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[ Oh geeze, now she's smirking, and with that smirk, she looks even more like Ed. Which is a bit disconcerting, but Al shoves the thought away to analyze later. For now, he's being impolite and needs to fix that. ]

Oh! Um, actually, I was hoping to find a book... If you're busy, I can look myself?

[ This is followed by a polite bow and the fingers of one hand twist the glove fingertips of his other. He wants to ask. He's really curious. But to ask would be rude. He just can't help the way his gaze flickers between her face and her ears.

I wonder if they're soft...

The thought prompts an even deeper blush. He's always wanted a pet, but Ed would never let him keep one. And here he is, standing in front of not only a girly that looks like his brother, but one with ears and a tail too. Oh, his emotions are a bit confused right now. ]

The storm is getting kinda bad...
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[ Hold up. Before moving, he raises a hand, the universal gesture for stop or pause. ]

You know my name?

[ Anything else can wait a bit. ]
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Of course I know your name, I'm your sister. [She nearly pouted at that. Even if it wasn't her brother, to hear that from her own brother!]

Well- not your sister... [She sighs, scrubbing at her face to prepare for the long haul.] Look, I just got here the other day so I'm no expert on how this place works but... There's a whole bunch of alternate versions of us running around this place, apparently.

There's a sign that explains it- [She gestures through the window, not that much can be seen from here with the storm.] out there somewhere.

[Her ears twitch, a slightly disgruntled look crossing her features]

Apparently in some worlds I was born a boy.
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[ At first, all he can manage is another nervous laugh. It's a bit much, alternate versions and such, but if he considers how Edward had mentioned another Alphonse on the other side of the Gate, it mush be assumed that there are other versions elsewhere too, right? A bit boggling to think about, but surely it wasn't impossible. And that would explain a few things, like how he's here in Central and not on the other side of the Gate like he was meant to be.

He still hasn't figured that out yet, having set the query aside for the time being.

For now, he's giving the young woman (correction: his sister?) a polite if awkward smile. ]

Oh... Um, I guess that would make sense. You do look a lot like Brother, except for the, ah—

[ He pauses again, unsure if it would be inconsiderate to point out the ears. ]

It's very nice to meet you. Do you go by Edward too?
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[She quirks a brow at the interruption. You meant her feminine charm, right Al?]

Ed. [No, Alphonse, not even you are getting the dreaded full name.

After a pause she does smile though, tail swaying behind her legs idly.]

It's a lot to take in, trust me- I know... Hopefully you'll get home before you have a chance to get used to it though, right?
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[ A glance is made towards the windows, where he can see the snow coming down harder now. Even if he did use alchemy some way, he wouldn't be able to alter the weather enough to make it stop snowing... Would an umbrella be enough? Somehow, he doubts it.

Turning back to Ed, he gives another polite bow. ]

Alright... Ed? Or should I say "Sister"? [ The smile takes on just a bit more confidence while still remaining gentle. Typical kind, caring Alphonse. ] I'm not sure I can get home tonight. Home is... a long ways away.

Could you point me to a hotel?
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Either works... That is what you usually call me. [Explaining that is really weird.

After a pause.] You sure bow a lot. Really, you don't need to be so formal, we are family.

[At the last part she doesn't say anything for a long moment, staring at him as if he'd starting speaking another language.]

There's only one inn around here, Al- and I doubt you want to stay there. Besides, you're already inside so why go back out in this storm?

I can ask Roy if you'd be all aright to spend the night here- [she gestures around the bookstore before shrugging] We have plenty of furniture- maybe tomorrow the snow will have let up some.
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[ BUT HE DOESN'T REALLY KNOW YOU AND THIS IS WEIRD, plus you are a girl and it's important to be polite to girls. ]


[ Because, yeah, that uh... catches his attention. There's no tone of accusal or anything else in his voice. Just pure curiosity. ]

You mean... you live with the colonel?
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[She actually giggles at that- a light chuckle of amusement, as if she found Al's confusion cute.]

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[ Well. This is different. This isn't just "Oh look, my brother is a girl" different. This is "Oh look, my brother is a girl and and living with the colonel whom I'm sure brother wanted to beat up several times..." It's a little bit outside Al's reckoning. ]

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[Man of few words, huh Al.]

It's not- [she couldn't really say 'what you think' considering she didn't know what he actually thought.

Quietly.] He needs me...
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[ Need... He can understand that. It's what drove him to search for Ed those two years. It's what drove him to open the Gate and to later go through it, following his brother.

It's still a bit weird to think of the colonel needing Ed, but he recalls the overheard phone calls between Winry and Mustang, when it seemed as if the colonel would never return from his outer post. As if just like him and Winry, the colonel was waiting for someone too. Maybe... it wasn't so far of a stretch.

And here, this Ed has found some kind of place with Mustang. And she seems happy enough, something that Al rarely saw on his brother after they failed to bring back their mother, save for a few short moments.

There's that small bit of jealousy there, of course. That small part of him that wishes it was him instead. Perhaps not with this version of his brother, but his own brother. A thought he quickly shoves aside in favor of giving Ed an understanding smile. ]

And you're happy?
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Happy was not really something Ed thought about. Al was happy - as happy as he could be - doing something with his future. Roy was happy.

She hadn't thought about it though, hadn't thought about herself. The bond dictated they be together, and she'd wanted it even before then - stupid adolescent crush...

That was the thing she hadn't thought of for herself though. The thing her Al never asked her, so afraid that she was being used and manipulated by a man vulnerable to her whim.

After a moment she smiles, soft almost uncertain she's allowed to.] You know what? I am.
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[ He can see that slight flicker of uncertainty, her shift in expressions exact to his own brother's and therefore easy to catch. But he makes no note of it. She says she's happy and she's smiling. It's not the kind of fake smile that makes him wonder, makes him worry Ed isn't telling him the whole story. It's different. And it looks good on her. He hopes she'll continue to smile that way. ]

I'm glad. Just make sure the colonel doesn't let you slack off on your work. He's just as bad as you, you know.
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Trust me, Al [Through gritted teeth.]

I get my work done.
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[ TOTALLY THROWN OFF BY HER BLUSHING what on earth did he say???? Clearing his throat and laughing slightly, he scratches the back of his neck again. ]

Ihi... Are you sure? If you're like Brother, you always slack off when I'm not around.
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[ There's that blushing again. He's not sure how to respond to it. This is unfamiliar ground again and while he's by no means ignorant (he's got a general idea of what might be going on), he doesn't really understand the cause behind it. Not too much, anyway.

There's also that slight twinge of jealousy, but it's quickly squashed as he reminds himself this isn't his actual brother. This Ed is different. ]

That's good to hear.

[ Another smile and he glances around the bookshop, wandering idly towards a shelf where he trails his fingers across the book spines. ]

Do you just work here, then?
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We own it. [Together.] I guess the last person that was here just- disappeared one day. That seems pretty normal around this place...

[If her tone was any indication, that thought unsettled her.] So it was pretty cheap, considering... We live here, Roy and I- live here. Upstairs in the apartment.

[His idly moving fingers remind her though, and she perks up once more.]

-but you were looking for a book, right?
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~This is taking place before Ed's post

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[He had been taking care of the store, keeping himself busy although it was far more relaxing here than from the world they were from. The majority of his time had been spent teasing his sacrifice, stealing a few fleeting touches or kisses when he could, and it wasn't about to stop now.]

[Roy moved around another shelf to where you were, his fingertips tracing down along your back to the base of your tail, flicking over the fur that peeked from your clothing.] Need any help?
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[He held off a chuckle, knowing how much such a simple touch could affect you. If not from past experience, he could also feel a light tug through the bond they shared.] If you're sure.

[He stepped behind you, as though to move past you to the shelf at your other side, brushing against your tail and backside once more as he did.]