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God, these aren't even going to be in order.

[personal profile] roy_m: :even if the snow had let up, there was still little hope of venturing outside least for today. Not until the sidewalks and roads could be cleared more. Which left roy with little more to do than talk to you and do his favorite thing...sleep. After his nap, he ventured out of his room, hair messed more than usual from burying under his blanket. He paused as his gaze traveled across the hall to the room there, freezing as he caught sight of you changing, eyes traveling over your bare back down to the one mark screaming for his attention there:

[personal profile] makethisreal: ::Edward didn't like changing in Alphonse's room, no matter how long she was gone it still felt like some invasion of privacy - some taboo to be there at all. Still, his clothes were wet and he needed to change - even with Roy sleeping in the other room he didn't want to risk doing so out in the open. The blond had already shed his boots at the front door to the small apartment, making sure Roy was still in his own room before slipping into the girl's room to switch his clothes out for something more comfortably. He'd already changed pants by the time the human had woken from his nap, tugging a new light blue shirt down his form without noticing that his company had already awoken::

[personal profile] roy_m: :he stayed still in the hallway, watching you as he felt a twinge of anger at having been misled..that he had been so close to something similar to what had killed his best friend, but roy pushed that anger aside, knowing you weren't to blame for that: ..All this time you never corrected me when I called you Edward.

[personal profile] makethisreal: ::he froze at the sound of Roy's voice, fingers lingering on the hem of his shirt before turning to face him - expression completely blank save for the slightest bit of confusion:: why would I correct you? That's my name.

[personal profile] roy_m: The oroborus on your back suggests other wise. :he hid a frown, knowing what that also meant. Roy reminded himself that the Ed from his world was still alive and probably finding some trouble to get into:

[personal profile] makethisreal: ::he blinked, for a brief moment looking utterly confused as if the mark on his back actually had words and could possibly tell Roy some other name he wasn't aware of before shaking his head as if to clear some thought - focusing back on Roy again as he tried to work out a response to that. All of his knowledge of other homunculi was limited, mostly what he'd learned here considering his memories were spotty at best and Al had been so careful not to let him learn the 'true' nature of his kind:: what, you think I should be named after some sin?

[personal profile] roy_m: :his jaw set at that, glancing over you once more as if he could determine just which sin you were by doing so: That is usually how it works, yes

[personal profile] makethisreal: ::golden eyes narrowed slightly as if angered by that before he responded quietly:: This is the name I was given

[personal profile] roy_m: :he quirked a brow slightly before he shook his head, smirking some: I suppose this explains how you manage to get out in this weather..

[personal profile] makethisreal: ::he tensed at that, for a split second wondering if Roy realized just how he did go about doing that but he didn't comment glancing away instead:: and now you're going to hate me too, right?

[personal profile] roy_m: :he stayed silent for a moment before stepping into the room with you: No. I'm not going to hate you. This...just took me by surprise.

[personal profile] makethisreal: ::golden eyes widened as Roy stepped into the room, taking a step back and staring at him for a long moment before exhaling - glancing away again without a word::

[personal profile] roy_m: :he quirked a brow some as you stepped away from him, holding off a frown: I am sorry. That was very rude of me...and you've been nothing but kind to me since my arrival.

[personal profile] makethisreal: ::he blinked at the apology, shoulders slumping slightly:: It's fine, I'm used to worse

[personal profile] roy_m: :he could just imagine that, considering the reputation homunculi had...Roy took another few steps into the room, resting his hand upon your upper arm in a way to comfort but also show you he wasn't afraid of you: People can do some very bad things when they're afraid or don't understand something.

[personal profile] makethisreal: ::he nodded some at that, exhaling softly:: Trust me, I know... Even in this place, where people seem to accept so many possibilities.

[personal profile] roy_m: That must be very lonely. :he gave your arm another squeeze before letting go: But you have a friend now...I'm not going to hate you. :he paused before smirking some: Although, I am curious now to uncover which sin you are.

[personal profile] makethisreal: Just because she named them after sins doesn't mean anything ::he murmured as if it was something he'd recited repeatedly in the past::

[personal profile] roy_m: :he watched you carefully at that: She?

[personal profile] makethisreal: ::he nodded:: The one that named them after sins... she chose those names for them, I'm not one of them, I'm not like them.

[personal profile] roy_m: :he was still lost who this 'she' was, and he wanted to know more...if 'she' existed on his world as well, the possibility of having something useful against the homunculus there would be very tempting to uncover. Roy ignored that for the moment though, instead focused upon you: Again, I apologize. My knowledge on the homunculi is limited..but I can already tell you're not like the ones I've met before.

[personal profile] makethisreal: ::he didn't respond to that for a long moment, glancing out the window of the room briefly before speaking once more, quietly:: we're all replacements.. that much stays consistent.

[personal profile] roy_m: Perhaps that was what you were intended to be...but you're not. You're your own person. :he sighed, running his fingers through his messed hair some, as though trying to tame it back to submission:

[personal profile] makethisreal: ::he glanced back at Roy with a bit of amusement at that, before noticing the way he tried to do something with his hair - which only made the small smile grow wider. Edward moved forward, lifting a hand to smooth the hair down, only once he was done realizing that he moved at all. The blond took an abrupt step back, gaze averted with a curt apology:: sorry-

[personal profile] roy_m: :he blinked at that before smirking some, chuckling: Don't could probably use all the help it can get.

[personal profile] makethisreal: ::he blinked in obvious confusion over the chuckle but didn't comment - not bothering to explain the lectures he'd gotten in the past about personal space:: Roy used to take longer getting ready for the day than anyone ::he smirked faintly at the memory, shrugging a shoulder:: it was always just easier if I helped

[personal profile] roy_m: You and he lived together then? :well, you had said you and your Roy were close..he was starting to wonder just how close that had meant:

[personal profile] makethisreal: When he stayed over. If he had time off or wound up transfered near enough... ::his shoulders hunched slightly, gaze averted slightly as if that could help him remember better:: he went back to Central a lot though and I wasn't- allowed to leave the house.

[personal profile] roy_m: :he was trying to picture this as himself with the Edward from his world..the loud mouthed teenager that hated him. But then, you were neither Ed or a teenager: Were you two lovers?

[personal profile] makethisreal: ::he looked surprised by that question, abruptly lowering his gaze to hide behind blond bangs:: he tolerated me.

[personal profile] roy_m: :Roy frowned, deciding not to push that subject: You say that as if being around you is a burden.

[personal profile] makethisreal: ::he looked at Roy for a split second as if there was no way to explain before sighing:: I've learned since then... most don't appreciate finding strangers in their bed.

[personal profile] roy_m: This all must be very hard for you. :he folded his arms across his chest loosely, trying to ignore how cold he was starting to feel standing there with no shirt , no shoes, and just a pair of pants:

[personal profile] makethisreal: ::he smiled, somewhat vacantly at that before shrugging:: I like it here... No longer in anyone's way.

[personal profile] roy_m: :he watched you for a moment before holding off a sigh, feeling pity for you over this situation: We should..probably get somewhere more comfortable, hm? I can make us a pot of coffee if you're interested.

[personal profile] makethisreal: ::his smile brightened at that, nodding automatically:: coffee's always a good idea

[personal profile] roy_m: :he had to smirk at that, taking in your smile: Always...I'll start some once I get changed. I'm freezing. :he glanced over you a moment more before disappearing to his room once again to grab more proper clothes:

[personal profile] makethisreal: ::he blinked, not having considered that Roy would be cold - but now that it was pointed out, it made sense. He sighed moving out to the living room to start a fire as the older man changed into something warmer before heading into the kitchen to start puling out the supplies needed to start the coffee::

[personal profile] roy_m: :it didn't take him long to change, already starting to warm up. When he made his way to the living area, he gave a small appreciative hum at the fire before going to the kitchen, finding you there: I told you I would get that. :he smirked and plucked the coffee pot from you:

[personal profile] makethisreal: ::he blinked at that, head tilting to watch as Roy took it from him before bowing slightly and stepping back as if to give him room:: as you wish

Later that night:

[personal profile] makethisreal: ::Edward never slept normal hours, more prone to napping throughout the day than getting a full night of rest, and having someone living with him again made no difference in his tendency to be up oddly early. However there were some days that he woke up in the middle of the night, rather than just alarmingly early. This had been one such night, waking abruptly some time after Roy had already gone to bed for the night - unable to shake the guilt from their previous discussion. The human was trying to tolerate him, even trying to understand him and he knew that he'd only made things more uncomfortable between them. It made him angry, in reality - that so many people were so quick to consider him a threat when he'd never actually hurt anyone. If any of the Eds in this place, or any of the Roys in this place were like the ones from his own world, they had far more bloodshed on their hands than he ever could even imagine, but still he was viewed as the threat. He moved from the sofa, across the apartment to the room that Roy occupied, the room that Alfons had shared with Ed before they'd left this place. The room that Edward still didn't go in, simply because it had been his room.

He slipped across the room silently, easing himself carefully onto the mattress and shifting closer - practically holding his breath as he watched Roy for a moment to assure he was still asleep. Only once he was certain it was safe did he lean forward, wrapping his arms around Roy and pulling himself closer, smoothing dark hair idly as if reassuring a child that had had a nightmare::

[personal profile] roy_m: :he shifted some in his sleep, more towards the warmth of another body than the touch itself. He stilled once more, his arm falling over your side:

[personal profile] makethisreal: ::he remained still for a long moment when Roy moved, waiting carefully for any sign of disturbance before he stopped moving once more. A relieved sigh escaped him as he tilted his face to dark hair - golden eyes closing as fingers continued to stroke through the dark strands quietly::

[personal profile] roy_m: :he seemed to relax more as you stroked his hair, the motion soothing him. However when he shifted again, his knee bumping into yours, dark eyes opened in confusion. A puff of air was let out against your neck, voice a bit rougher from sleep:...what..?

[personal profile] makethisreal: ::Edward was relaxing, himself - almost forgetting the whole reason he'd been in there to begin with when the sound of Roy's voice brought him back to reality, body going stiff as he slowly, carefully, retracted his arms. Staying otherwise perfectly still in hopes the human would fall back to sleep if he didn't move::

[personal profile] roy_m: :he pulled back some, his arm still around you as he moved enough to see your face, awareness drifting back to him as the last of his sleep left: Ed..? :he smirked at you lazily: Finally get tired of the sofa?

[personal profile] makethisreal: ::he stared at Roy for a long moment as if his mind couldn't register that he'd woken up, or spoken at all. Lips pressing together as he pointedly ignored what Roy had called him, before shifting to dislodge himself from the man's embrace, apology practically a mumble under his breath:: sorry-

[personal profile] roy_m: :the smirk slipped to a frown as you started to move, his embrace tightening just a bit to signal you to stop: everything all right?

[personal profile] makethisreal: ::he noted the frown, gaze lowering to the arm still draped over his side at the movement - keeping his gaze averted as he nodded, glancing up abruptly as if to check Roy's reaction to that response::

[personal profile] roy_m: :he watched you for a moment, frown still in place as he wondered if perhaps you were trying to replace the roy from your world with himself..something he couldn't do or would want to. Even so, he still shifted some, arm slipping away from you enough to tug at the cover, enough for you to see he was trying to lift it for you to climb under with him: Come's cold. At least I think it is.

[personal profile] makethisreal: ::he watched Roy curiously at the invitation before moving to slip beneath the covers with him, voice low:: I wanted- to apologize.

[personal profile] roy_m: :he lowered the covers over you once you slipped beneath them, not bothering to mention this was an odd way to apologize: If you apologize, it means you did something didn't do anything wrong.

[personal profile] makethisreal: Last night- ::he didn't finish that explanation, sure Roy knew exactly what he was referring to::

[personal profile] roy_m: :he hummed a bit at that, his arm falling over your side again although he didn't move closer to you: Everyone needs to talk to someone.

[personal profile] makethisreal: I guess so ::he answered quietly, seeming to really be considering that - not commenting any further::

[personal profile] roy_m: :he gave a nod at that before smirking a little: Is this how you always apologize?

[personal profile] makethisreal: ::his brows furrowed slightly in confusion at that question, mouth opening momentarily before responding finally:: I don't .. apologize often.

[personal profile] roy_m: :he chuckled, shifting just a bit closer to get more comfortable before his eyes fell closed: Apparently..but again, you have nothing to apologize for.

[personal profile] makethisreal: ::he blinked at that but didn't respond, closing his own eyes before speaking again quietly:: I didn't mean to wake you

[personal profile] roy_m: Sleep won't be a problem to get back to. :he turned his head, hiding a yawn against the mattress before settling again: