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Cabin Fever setting in.

CHARACTERS: [personal profile] roy_m & [personal profile] makethisreal
WHERE: Edward's apartment, which he's invited Roy to stay at since Alfons and Alphonse are gone.
SUMMARY: Roy ventures outside now that the blizzard has let up.
WARNINGS: Just talking

[personal profile] roy_m: :when you had fallen asleep for a nap on the sofa, Roy had decided to entertain himself..mainly by seeing how much snow was out there and what the chances of getting free anytime soon was. He tugged the door leading outside open, the snow greeting him there showing just what sort of promise of freedom he had..slim to none. With a sigh then a small smirk, he stepped out into it anyway,the snow swallowing up his legs past his knees:

[personal profile] makethisreal: ::when Edward woke up to an empty apartment he was fairly surprised. Although despite the awkward situation they'd recently found themselves in, he didn't pause to consider that Roy might have left - simply curious to see what it was the human had ventured out for. He didn't bother with a coat this time, since the snow was no longer coming down quite like it had been, ignoring the occasional fluttered flake as he stepped out into the street, following the steps left behind by the human::

[personal profile] roy_m: :he hadn't gone far, the snow being too troublesome to bother trekking through more than a half a block, but he was getting a better idea of his surroundings. He paused hearing someone following behind him, turning to see you standing there, a smirk touching his lips: Shouldn't you have a coat on? :he knew you wouldn't be in any danger of freezing to death, but it still looked uncomfortable:

[personal profile] makethisreal: ::he tilted his head at the question before grinning in return with a shrug:: I can keep myself warm.

[personal profile] roy_m: hm, I suppose so. :he smirked, swaying a bit as he turned to face you better, the snow numbing his legs but Roy didn't mind: I don't think this is about to clear up anytime soon.

[personal profile] makethisreal: ::he watched Roy curiously as he swayed a bit:: Maybe you should go back inside.

[personal profile] roy_m: In a little bit. :he was about to move again but his foot slipped, sending him backwards into the snow with a curse, the cold white swallowing him up whole:

[personal profile] makethisreal: ::Edward blinked as Roy disappeared into the snow, rushing forward to look down at him - head tilted:: you want some help up?

[personal profile] roy_m: :he looked up at you before he laughed, embarrassed with himself but also amused that snow had managed to take him out: Perhaps..:he smirked, raising his hand to you for you to help him...however instead managing to pull you down with him instead:

[personal profile] makethisreal: ::he made a startled sound as Roy tugged him down to the snow with him, golden eyes going wide before jerking himself back upright as if the contact had burned him::

[personal profile] roy_m: :he blinked at that before sitting up, looking up at you curiously although a small smirk still played across his lips: You manage to keep yourself warm but a little snow frightens you, hm?

[personal profile] makethisreal: ::he stared at Roy for a moment before looking away:: I can only do so much... I'd freeze if I stayed there.

[personal profile] roy_m: :he quirked a brow some but nodded, not understanding all of that but not wanting to endanger you either. Roy stood, dusting some snow off of himself as if that would help the massive wet patches upon his clothing: Let's get inside then..we can both warm up. :he offered you an apologetic smile, reaching out to dust some snow off of your side:

[personal profile] makethisreal: ::he gave a shaky smile back, obviously relieved that Roy didn't push the issue but not commenting - waiting for him to lead the way back as if he didn't know it, himself::

[personal profile] roy_m: :he didn't speak either until they were within the privacy of your apartment...not that there was anyone out anyway, but Roy wanted to be discreet for you. He took off his jacket hanging it up as he tried to debate what to do with his clothes..after all, it wasn't like he had anything new to change into: ..I hope you don't mind me asking, but I'm curious. :he pushed off his boots, feet numb with the cold anyway: When you said you would freeze, is that a homunculus thing it something to do with your power?

[personal profile] makethisreal: I've never asked anyone else ::he responded, simply - even if he did have a clear vivid memory of another homunculus doing just that - one of the few clear memories he had of Ed's life, he had no way of knowing if that was something shared by ore than just the two of them::

[personal profile] roy_m: :he gave a nod at that, accepting the answer. Roy smiled softly and shook his head, a few droplets of water falling to his shoulders: I'm sorry for pulling you..I had no idea.

[personal profile] makethisreal: you wouldn't ::he offered quietly, smiling again:: I never told Roy back home, either. People don't have to know, then I'm not so different.

[personal profile] roy_m: Sometimes different isn't bad, you know. :he still smiled softly, shaking his head: I'm goign to get a towel before I am the one that freezes. :he walked off to fetch the towel, returning a little later in just his boxers and dress shirt, the rest of his clothes laying out to dry:

[personal profile] makethisreal: ::he quirked a brow at that, once Roy returned:: you need new clothes.

[personal profile] roy_m: That's what happens when you get plucked from your world with nothing but what you're wearing. :he lit a fire in the fireplace, relieved for some heat: The snow has stopped coming at shouldn't be long before I can get more.

[personal profile] makethisreal: I could get you more ::he offered quietly, watching Roy quietly. He knew Roy was aware that he'd left the apartment multiple times, it wouldn't take much more effort to get him some clothes::

[personal profile] roy_m: Don't worry about it, it won't be long before I can myself. :he offered you another smile before taking a seat infront of the fire, relaxing. He was aware you made it out somehow, but he didn't want to trouble you: Why don't you come and warm up with me?

[personal profile] makethisreal: ::Edward didn't press the issue solely because he had no idea what reason Roy had for not wanting him to do it, watching the human warily for a moment before joining him by the fire to warm up:: I don't think you'd fit in any of the clothes left here, but maybe you could transmute some?

[personal profile] roy_m: :he noticed you watching him warily, curious about that but not commenting: That would be helpful, yes.

[personal profile] makethisreal: ::he shrugged, holding his hands out towards the fire before rubbing them together, adding softly:: Alfons' clothes might work better, she's closer to your size than Ed. Their clothes are in your room, I left them in the closet in case they ever came back.

[personal profile] roy_m: :he paused at the word 'she' but his options were a bit limited at the moment. Roy let out a silent sigh before smirking some: Thank you..I'll be sure to put them back as I found them once I get some of my own.

[personal profile] makethisreal: ::he smirked at that, but didn't comment, closing his eyes briefly:: should have thought of it sooner.

[personal profile] roy_m: I was fine until I decided to play in the snow. :he smirked some and drew his legs to his chest, arms wrapping around them as he looked to the fire:

[personal profile] makethisreal: Humans do not always make smart decisions ::he answered softly, glancing up at Roy with a smirk to show he was joking::

[personal profile] roy_m: It attacked me, okay? :he chuckled at that, knowing he was being ridiculous...but after falling in the snow and sitting here in his boxers, he didn't seem to care:

[personal profile] makethisreal: ::he laughed at that, shaking his head:: Next you'll say I kidnapped you and held you hostage...

[personal profile] roy_m: hm :he nodded thoughtfully, as though thinking about doing just that: At least you haven't asked for a ransom yet.

[personal profile] makethisreal: eh... you couldn't afford it ::he offered helpfully, smiling pleasantly as if that wasn't the least bit threatening::

[personal profile] roy_m: :Roy let out a dramatic sigh before leaning back, flashing you a lazy smirk: I suppose you're stuck with my winning personality then.

[personal profile] makethisreal: ::he raised an eyebrow at that before grinning:: I'm sure I can learn to adjust.