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[When he decided to search for his father, Hoenheim, he didn't decide to leave his mother and brothers.

And suddenly find himself in... Central?

So Greed's not mad yet, as he's too busy being confused.

And feel free to confuse him with Edward or young Hoenheim, he won't be surprised. Though he's taller than Ed, anyway. And he seems to be 18-19 years old judging by his looks.]

[ooc: AU!Greed. Nope, he's not in Ed or anything like that. Details on his profile later. Just found this dressing room, is it dead? Ftr, he has Homunculus eyes, but I'm not editing icons (yet)]
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we are never dead

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You seem lost.

[Sup other homunculus dude. This one looks like Ed, though almost twice your age.

It's too bad he doesn't quite act like it.
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You're new here.

[Really, he doesn't like to fight.]

You didn't see the sign I'm guessing. Either way, welcome to Fake Central. Coming and going is not an option.