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A Female Alfons appears!

[A young woman who looks suspiciously like a particular long-haired female Alfons who hung around the old DR is lying on the ground, asleep, in front of that ever-famous sign, in nothing more than her pajamas. 

Do you think someone could be a dear and wake her up? Turns out getting transported back in your sleep isn't the best of things to happen.]

((OOC: Fail Intro is fail, I know >< B-but hey FMADR! Been a long time, and maaaan, I missed this place!))
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[Oh, a female Alfons. It has been awhile since he's seen one of those around.

Alfons you're going to wake up to find yourself on a bench. Because Edward would have at least moved you that far before trying to wake you up. Peering down at her with a gentle shoulder shake.

Hey- it's dangerous to sleep out in the street like that... C'mon, wake up.
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Now Edward is jumping to his feet to help her up, frowning slightly.

... At least you're awake now, I guess.
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[He watches the display of emotion curiously. It had been awhile since anyone reacted so strongly to their arrival, but he's surprised to learn she's been there before.

Edward nods.

You're an Alfons.

[Despite the lack of questioning tone, it was still an attempt at confirmation. After all, different versions were sometimes prone to different names.]
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[His posture shifts at that, straightening upright in surprise as golden eyes widen - her name leaving him again practically breathlessly.]

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[After the initial shock and her reaction, he can't help but grin. As if the amount of time he had been here was of no consequence.]

It has gotten a lot quieter since you left.
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It would be nice if everyone could go home...

[He answered automatically, not that he sounded very enthusiastic about it despite the smile still on his features.]