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Shortly after Alfons' arrival

[personal profile] roy_m: :he hummed a bit, gathering up his uniforms and his badge to move to the other room:

[personal profile] makethisreal: I think you'll really like her ::Edward offered, gathering up some of the other belongings in the room - not that they had many between the two of them:: She's the one that took me in when I first got here, I'd been watching the place in case she came back... ::although from his tone it was obvious he hadn't expected her to:: She was the last one to leave so it's not really surprising that she'd return alone.

[personal profile] roy_m: :he looked at you with a small smile, walking across the hall with you to set the things down: I'm looking forward to meeting her. Maybe we should take her out for dinner, hm?

[personal profile] makethisreal: ::he smiled at that idea, nodding:: I think she'd like that... It must be hard, being back here again, after all this time.

[personal profile] roy_m: :he hummed softly in agreement: At least she knows someone here. It should make things a little easier on her

[personal profile] makethisreal: I hope ::he responded quietly before grinning:: I want her to be as happy as possible... she was the first one to care about making me comfortable when I first got here. It's- sort of nice, to be able to pay that back.

[personal profile] roy_m: :he smiled some at that, reaching up to run his fingers through your hair: I can imagine.

[personal profile] makethisreal: ::he closed his eyes, nuzzling some to the contact:: I'm glad you get to meet her. She deserves to know I found some happiness here.

[personal profile] roy_m: :he smirked as he watched you nuzzle to him, his fingertips brushing along the curve of your ear. Roy leaned in to brush a kiss over your cheek before nipping your jaw playfully, guiding you back to the bed in the room:

[personal profile] makethisreal: ::Edward blinked at that, but followed Roy's movements without a word, smiling faintly::

[personal profile] roy_m: :he sat back , tugging you with him gently to lay back on the bed and nuzzle your neck, nipping your skin playfully: I'm glad I came here, if only to have met you.

[personal profile] makethisreal: ::he closed his eyes, nuzzling contently into the contact before Roy spoke those words. A mixture of emotion hitting him as he rested a hand on the human's arm:: You shouldn't be here, you should be home where you belong, like every body else... but I'm grateful to have you.

[personal profile] roy_m: :he nipped your neck: According to who, hm? Maybe this is where I should be for now. :he pressed another kiss to your shoulder: ..and I'm determined to find a way to take you with me when it's time for me to return.

[personal profile] makethisreal: ::he blinked at that, golden eyes widening as he opened his mouth to respond before hesitating, nuzzling closer instead of speaking for a moment:: That would be a little hard to explain, don't you think?

[personal profile] roy_m: :he ran his hand down along your back, giving you a playful nudge: Let me worry about it. You will be fine

[personal profile] makethisreal: ::he wasn't really worried about it, because he was fairly sure it wasn't possible - but he didn't press that issue, smirking faintly and getting more comfortable instead:: okay