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[It's snowing in Fake Central.

Which means if you're new - stepping off a train, or out of a shop to find yourself on the streets of Fake Central for the first time you're arriving for the first real snow storm of Fake Central.

If you've been here awhile, however, you'll notice that the snow is piling up a little higher than usual. It doesn't seem to be getting ready to stop any time soon, either. Hopefully you have some winter clothes nearby.]

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[Well this was kind of the last thing he expected when he left his room. This was most definitely not the lush, wild jungle of his island. Nope.]


[And he is so not prepared for snow.]
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[Ed's not really prepared for snow either. He'd just come from the practically tropial side of the island - too bad he wasn't planning a trip to Fuar today.

He just happens to be nearby to catch the outburst, quirking a brow at the stranger] 'Gadzooks'?

[Just what kind of language was that, anyway?]
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[HOLY SHIT ITS ANOTHER PERSON. Excuse this weird boy sort of staring at you for a minute.]

Gadzooks, Egad and other such exclamations.